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Posterous, I'll miss you

Guillaume LerougeGuillaume Lerouge, sales guy
1 upvote by Mark Catoe.
I have been an active Posterous user for more than 3 years. I started using the service while it was still in its infancy, almost instantly hooked by this simple premise: if you want to blog it, just send a mail. It will automatically get posted to the web, as well as to a wide variety of other services, from Twitter to facebook, Vimeo to Youtube.

Posterous was all I expected from a blogging service: easy to post to, efficient at distributing my content, quick to get out of the way once its work was done. Anything I've sent the service usually got converted just fine, be it an image, a link, a link to an image, several images or even a video. I loved using it - still do.

Alas, since they never gave a serious shot at monetization (I'd gladly have paid!), they eventually sold to Twitter after an unsuccessful pivot towards group spaces. As expected, since then innovation has stalled with little in the way of new features while reliability of the service has gotten way down (you wouldn't know from the "Archives" menu on the right that I've published more than 400 posts).

This is why I have decided that it is time to move on. I was about to reach 42 pages' worth of articles: ! I'll be giving a try to Quora's new blogging feature. Let's see whether its built-in content distribution mechanism will make up for the lost ability to cross-post to a slew of third-party services.